1 March 2011

Return to Stupidland: Ten Years After the Dotcom Boom, The Independent

Very interesting article about the dotcom boom and the new wave of aggressively valued dotcom companies that have become endemic in the past few years.  Highly recommended!

Yemen to Declare Unity Government, Al Jazeera

Difficult to say how this will go, but at least Yemen seems to be taking a different tact than Libya.

GOP Spending Plan to Cut 700,000 Jobs, Washington Post

I’d love nothing more than to get our Federal budget balanced, but both parties are going are going about it the wrong way.  Moreover, both are focusing in on things that are popular to members of the other party; and ignoring about 90% of the Federal budget where the real problems exist.  Those areas:  defense, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, and transportation.  Until politicians address these issues, this is nothing more than a sideshow.

Regardless, my current thinking on this is that it’s dangerous to cut too many Federal jobs right now.  It makes more sense to focus on the state budget crises for now and let the states get their books in order, before the Federal government gets too aggressive on cutting Federal jobs. The Feds really should start to clamp down sometime in the 2014 – 2016 timeframe and the cuts should focus on the budgetary items mentioned above, rather than trying to gut some minor programs the other party’s members like.

Taco Bell Unveils New Ads in Beef Image Campaign, Associated Press

Only worth mentioning, because it seems like such a stupid move on Taco Bell’s part.  Nothing good can come from calling attention the quality of Taco Bell’s meat. Well … nothing good for the company; maybe for the rest of us. 

Iran Claims 2012 Olympic Logo is Racist, ESPN.com

And in the stupid news story for the day, Iran might boycott the 2012 London games because they claim the logo is racist and actually spells “Zion.”  Wow; this is more proof that isolated regimes tend to get nuttier over time.

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One Response to 1 March 2011

  1. Paxtor says:

    Look out Germaniem! the Huns are coming!

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